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So this is how they do it! Swirled Easter eggs is actually a lot easier than it looks! The secret....shaving cream!

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GLOW eggs - made using homemade glowing dye. A NEW, fun, & creative way to decorate Easter eggs with kids (from Growing A Jeweled Rose)

Beautiful Edible Marbled Eggs @ Shannons Tot School (Because you shouldn't eat shaving cream eggs.)

Please Enjoy This Series of Easter-Themed DIY Projects That Don’t Suck. (on

shaving cream marbled eggs


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Simple and MESSY way for even young ones (toddlers) to dye Easter eggs. A sensory experience that will leave an impression! So fun | Simple. Home. Blessings.

How to make silk-dyed eggs in just three easy steps #easter #diy #crafts

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Glitter eggs for Easter <3

How to successfully pull off the speckled egg look! #Eastereggs

SHAVING CREAM EGG DYE – Easy and Inexpensive SHAVING CREAM EGG DYE 1. Spread cheap white shaving cream in a cookie sheet 2. Apply drops of neon food coloring across surface 3. Use toothpicks to swirl colors around 4. Roll the dried, cooled hardboiled eggs in the colorful cream (we used disposable kitchen gloves to reduce the tattoo effect) 5. Allow to set for 3-4 minutes on a paper plate 6. Wipe off shaving cream with paper toweling 7. Rinse! Voila! Beautiful marbleized eggs, done quickly!

Easter eggs coloring

use kool-aid to dye eggs (full instructions here)

naturally dyed eggs

Victorian Nesting Eggs Easter Treat Boxes

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