Sweetest reaction ever to finding out he's going to be a grandpa.

Michael Buble...stopped during a concert by the mom of a 15 year old boy, who wants him to know that her son wants to be a singer. Michael, being the gracious person he is invites the boy onstage to sing with him....the expression on Michael's face as the first few notes escape the boys mouth are absolutely priceless.

If you've got 13 minutes, check out this love love LOOOOVVEEE this!!!video of a young man with autism meeting and dancing with the princesses. this makes m heart happy.

this is so awesome

Man Has Hilarious Reaction When Using Korean Spraying Toilet

Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover) - Me and my 4 y.o. ~youtube

Real tears

Take a Seat - Make a Friend?

Nate�s dad�s note. | 35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn�t Such A Bad Place

Baby tears up at mom's voice - dare you not to cry!

The kindest step-father. Step-father doesn't mean evil. My step-dad is more of a dad than my real one

Mom Raps About Motherhood

A man asks his wife how long it would take to travel 80 miles at the rate of 80 miles per hour....Oh my gosh this is hilarious, her reasoning... Well, look at her hair color ~ ijs

Little girl doesnt stop telling her dad about her day! Too cute!!

"You poked my heart......" © all rights reserved

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

Man wakes up from surgery and realizes he's married to a beautiful woman - Best thing I've seen all day!

World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - Official Video

=D aw

What They Did at The Drive-Thru Cracked Me Up. But The Real Star May Be The Cashier!

100-year-old best friends share their thoughts on popular culture. These ladies epitomize #GalentinesDay!* Be sure to RSVP for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls #GalentinesDay Google + Hangout! It's this Thursday at 2pm EST. Thanks to the Steve Harvey TV for sharing! #SpreadtheLove *This video has some language that is only appropriate for Smart Girls 14 and up!