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Vlogging Prompts: 1.) Something you recently purchased. 2.) Show us how you spend your Friday night. 3.) Your biggest mom fail. 4.) Look at the last 8 comm...

Lord, please help me remember the power of my words and attitudes on my children’s hearts.

Vlogging Prompts: 1.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop. 2.) What are your kids really into right now? 3.) Ma...

That horrible feeling that your not good enough no matter how hard you try.

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I loved you like there was no tomorrow... and then one day, there wasn't.

Vlogging Prompts!: 1.) Vlog your last day of summer. 2.) Bake something! 3.) Labor Day is coming…create a video that somehow incorporates Labor Day…I don’t k...

If only she was here. I miss her hugs so much. What I would give to hug her one more time.

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teenage posts images | Teenage posts #... - airsoul I literally do this on everything

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"Always be the better person even when the other person doesn't deserve your kindness, you will always feel great about yourself knowing you've done the right thing, knowing you made Jehovah happy." I ALWAYS tell my girls that.

Vlogging Prompts: 1.) Make caramel apples. 2.) Favorite Fall fashion…show us your boots! 3.) I Heart Fall YouTube Tag (questions here) 4.) Create Fall inspired “how-to” video 5.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop.

Ugh. This is sadly true. People meet and people part all the time.... it is a little lonely but that is the way it must be.

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Are you going to win by decision or fall? It's up to you.

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'I followed my Heart and it Led me into the Fridge', I wish this wasn't so True!

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