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    Vodka Root Beer Floats - Swanky Recipes

    • Audra Thompson

      Not wine but sounds yummy! Adult Root Beer Floats: 2 cans Root Beer (or other natural soda) 4 Tbsp (2 oz) quality vodka (Kahlua or dark rum also work nicely) 4 scoops ice cream. Split a can of soda between two large glasses and then add a shot of vodka to each. Carefully drop two scoops of ice cream into each glass and then top off with remaining can of root beer.

    • Jordan W

      The 'Minimalist Baker' Vodka Float Includes Root Beer #vodka #cocktails #rootbeer #float #vodka #icecream

    • BOX Naturals

      Vodka Root Beer Floats - This float starts with the classic flavors of root beer and a coconut ice cream with a twist of vodka for an adult beverage.

    • Michele McAbee

      Vodka Root Beer Floats w/ Coconut Ice Cream, I don;t care for rootbeer floats, but I'll try anything that adds vodka

    • Tasha Delacour

      Vodka Root Beer Floats | minimalist *This recipe uses coconut ice cream, but you can use any ice cream you want (though I would stick to simple flavors so as to not overpower the root beer/vodka combo!

    • Andrea Hein

      Vodka Root Beer Floats {with coconut ice cream} (Probally just try it with regular vanilla ice cream)

    • sara cusick

      Vodka Root Beer Floats {with coconut ice cream} Suzy Q Events provides cocktails, mobile bars,and fun bartenders for South Florida Weddings and Events 561-232-2727

    • Ann Wilkinson

      Booze and ice cream: underrated allies. Not so in these Vodka Root Beer Floats made with Coconut Ice Cream. I just need coconut ice cream... Or even better coconut pink berry.

    • Laura Sweet

      Vodka Root Beer Floats | minimalist #recipe #beverage #vodka #rootbeer #float

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