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  • Ї'ᏉᏋ Ƀeen Ƭhere~Ƭestimony of Ħope Ƀƴ RᗩᏐᗩ

    By owning everything htat happened to me and telling my story I second guessed whether I should tell the raw truth the way I remember it. After reading this quote I let all that go...and know that I speak out and shout out against injustices...and if people do not like it hell ya...they could have behaved better than they did.

  • Bettie David

    Quote from Anne Lamott The eternal dilemma for a writer—can you write honestly but not hurt others? We want to tell our stories and we have a right to tell them, but what if we hurt people in the process? I think that if we care about that person, that comes through in the telling of the story anyway. Having said that there are a lot of stories I wouldn't tell because they might hurt someone I care about. If I don't care about them, well, as Annie says, they should have behaved better!

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