create a binder full of fun for your kids this summer! Beat the boredom blues.

Summer Fun Binder organize your summer activities {post includes free printables}

Giving kids a schedule for playtime, chores and summer homework. I would really love to be able to make this happen. Kids thrive on schedules and clear expectations. But spontaneity always seems to win out in my house.

Cute summer fun with kids

100 Fun Summer Ideas for the Whole Family – Geared Towards Younger Children (Pt. 1 of 4)

Summer can kick off with a bang, but quickly become grounds for boredom for kids. Rather then flipping on the TV or increasing screen time, allow the Summer Survival Calendar to keep your kids engaged and happy all summer long.

Cute idea for a summer to-do list...create with the kiddos/check-off as you complete!

Making a "get along jar" full of creative consequences designed to help stop sibling fighting and curb tattling.

This free printable Kids Recipe Book Binder is perfect for getting kids started in the kitchen. Cooking is a great life skill to teach your kids. I love the step by step recipe instructions with pictures!

Picture of A Fun Way to Learn to Crochet for Kids

100 fun kids activities for Screen Free Week - or any week of the year!

Home-made flubber...I've got to try this with my grandchildren :)

Make this after we get back from vacay: 180 + summer fun ideas with kids!!

Ducks in a Row: Organizing Summer Fun... This mom has done a great job planning fun and EASY things to do to beat the summer boredom at home.

100+ Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

Summer Fun Kids Children Boredom Busters

BORED... TOTALLY using this during the summer!

I need this for me when I go off track.

such a good idea

Kids can master new skills and have plenty of fun with this jam-packed activity kit.

Scavenger Hunts are so fun!