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  • Melissa Behm

    Bad chemicals in beauty products

  • Sandy Davis

    11 Terrifying Facts About What You Are Putting on Your Face. THIS is why I make my own skincare products and it is DEFINITELY why I use RENU 28 ASEA! I do need to start using toxin-free cosmetics. Anybody have suggestions?

  • Apple Organics

    11 Terrifying Facts About What You’re Putting On Your Face - Watch Video Here: #protectyourskin #loveyourskin #toxicfree #health #happy #skinhealth #haveabeautifulday #beautifulskinstartshere #appleorganics

  • Vanessa Correa

    11 Terrifying Facts About Makeup - YouTube | in the long run it would probably be better to spend more money on cosmetics that are free of these dangerous ingredients

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