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Blue Hawaii Cocktail

Blue Hawaii Cocktail {Coconut Rum, Blue Curaçao, Pineapple Juice, & Sweet & Sour Mix}

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hawaii five-o | 2 oz. Light Rum 2 oz. Blue Curacao 3 oz. Pineapple Juice 1 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix Cherry for garnish Directions Combine all of the ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker. Cover, shake well, and pour into a Collins glass.

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Drink of the Day: Tropical Delights

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Blue Hawaii Cocktail ( 3/4 oz. Light Rum 3/4 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. Blue Caracao 3 oz. Pineapple Juice 1 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix)

blue hawaiian | 2 oz. Light Rum 1 oz. Blue Curacao 1 oz. Cream of Coconut 2 oz. Pineapple Juice Cherry and or Pineapple wedge to garnish Directions Fill a Collins glass with ice. Put about a cup of ice in a cocktail shaker. Add the liquid ingredients to the shaker. Cover and shake well. Strain into the glass, and garnish accordingly

The Lava Flow * 1 oz. light rum * 1 oz. Malibu® coconut rum * 2 oz. fresh or frozen strawberries * 1 small banana * 2 oz. unsweetened pineapple juice * 2 oz. coconut cream Read Recipe For Pouring The Effect

Blue spiked lemonade: 1 ounce vodka 1 ounce Blue Curacao liqueur, 4 - 5 ounces lemonade, & Ice cubes. Directions: Combine all ingredients in a shaker jar. Mix well. Serve in tall, thin glass over ice.

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How to prepare a Blue Hawaiian for this perfect day? You'll need some orange flavored vodka, blue curacao, orange and pineapple juice #CoconutVerbena #MyPerfectSpongelle

Coconut Blue Hawaiian (1 cup pineapple juice 4 oz light rum 4 oz blue curaçao 4 oz cream of coconut (not coconut milk) 10 to 12 ice cubes Fresh cherries or maraschino cherries with stems, if desired)

Hawaii Five-O (2 oz light rum 2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur 1 oz sweet and sour mix 3 oz pineapple juice)

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Hard Ocean Water

Hard Ocean Water (1.5 ounces Skyy Infusions Coconut Vodka 1 ounce Blue Curacao liquor Sprite)

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Tropical Blue Sangria Recipe