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  • La'Tia Coleman

    Proof that you never know how someone really looks when they wear makeup. | Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time

  • What I See I Own

    Men try make up for the first time.

  • Mariana

    Five ordinary men experience makeup's powers of beauty first hand and it's quite hilarious!

  • Sarah Holaday

    Men Try Makeup For The First Time And Transform Into Beautiful Women

  • Meagan Medina

    men try womens makeup for the first time

  • Pia Nicole D.

    Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time | BuzzFeed - Yahoo Screen - hahahaha

  • Angela Jahnel

    Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time - YouTube Some of those guys look really good! It's funny how so many of them said "I look like my mom" or "I look like my aunt" LOL

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