Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time - #YouTube

Laughing so hard at this. All females must watch. HA!

Woman Demonstrates The Power Of Makeup

Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

Now THAT is funny

25 Beautiful Girls Making Horrible Faces: Amanda

Little boy cries because he isn't a single lady. Heartbreaking stuff.. "I'm a horrible father"

XD. every time

My mind had just been blown..

A textbook example of what it means to "fail to stop and render aid."

Taylor Swift Pick Up Lines (This guy is so awkwardly adorable!) I LOVE THIS. so funny.

Man Wakes Up from Surgery, Realizes He's Married to a Beautiful Woman

Robbery fail / iFunny :) you have to click on it but it is worth it!

Disney Mean Girls. Watch it now. Do it. Somebody had too much disney knowledge and time on their hands.


The thing that triggered this woman’s lifelong fear of clowns. | 31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

they're birds now

Although women are not nearly as equal as men, I agree that their is a double standard when it comes to men as well.

Extreme close up of Katy Perry