Dog passes out from overwhelming joy - #YouTube

This dog who’s just barely even trying to swim.

For the love of animals. Pass it on.

▶ Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2013 [HD] - YouTube

A good idea for dog owners… Love this. So many don't know to ask before approaching. Hopefully everyone can read. :): Dog Owners, Good Ideas, Dogs, Animal Shelter Ideas, Pets, Pet Ideas, Awesome Idea, Dog Stuff, Dog Leash

Baby pitbull ... The most misunderstood breed. I own a pitbull and am here to say that if they are raised right they are the sweetest little angels ever~ <3

Dog owners get it.

This guy getting kissed by all the cows. | 27 Dogs Having The Time Of Their Lives

Golden <3

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I think we're friends now !! This is what my American bulldog does on the walking trail to the horses we pass.

Schnauzer Earring Studs – Creative Dexterity

English Bulldog Bouncing Around Freely On A Trampoline - Page 2 of 2 - PawBuzz

But I promise I won't chew anything

happy pup

Mine always make it better♡

Dog shaming is funny & entertaining! Especially because the dogs have no idea what their owners are doing. Lol


like maddy

Pit Bull Saves His Owner's Life By Taking A Bullet To The Head - It has often been said that a dog is the ONLY animal that will give its life for that of its owner!

You just gotta love this face, it has been years since i have played x's and o's