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A dad’s illustrations of what he says to his kids

This dad illustrated things he found himself saying to his kids.

The father in this duet claims this is his greatest achievement in 2 1/2 years of parenting.

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Notorious B.I.G: The Ultimate Baby Pacifier [VIDEO]

Notorious B.I.G: The Ultimate Baby Pacifier. Hahaha that is too darn cute lol

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Adorable Little Girl Duets With Father Amidst Imaginary Fireworks

HANDS down. The cutest thing I have ever seen. Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover) - Me and my 4 year old

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Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube

Baby giving the "evil eye" and then cracking up. Pretty cute


Now this is a special princess…

I know a good dad when I see one!


Teaching your teenage daughter a lesson…

Go dad!

Donut Drama: Adorable 3-Year Old Blames Dad, Brother When Caught Red-Handed-My 3 year old tries to get out of trouble by telling stories


There’s A Clear Difference Between Moms And Dads

There's A Clear Difference Between Moms And Dads


Smile, you’re a dad…

This is the best April fool's prank EVER! Swedish guy impregnates 4 women during bachelor party! 9 months later - the local "new born this week" page. (translation in comments)

Love dads!!

Love dads!!

Here’s to all the dads…

Love dads!!

A video of a toddler meeting her father's identical twin brother for the first time has racked up over a million views on YouTube.The video starts with the girl and her dad walking into her uncle's house. As soon as she sets eyes on "Uncle Herbie," her eyes immediately grow wide. She then looks back and forth at her dad and uncle standing next to each other.There's two of us, huh?" the man identified as Herbie asks his niece. "You confused, ain't you? "The look of disbelief"

OMG! How Cute...The Lilly Ann workout ~Father-Daughter Workout Video Goes Viral-There is a new workout craze that is going viral on YouTube. However, this one doesn't involve a 90-day routine or a six-month payment plan.Michael Stansbury uploaded a video of himself and his 6-month-old daughter, Lilly Ann, "working out." Lilly Ann is just a toddler, so by "working out" we mean she holds herself up in a "plank" and then drops into a "Superman" position.


No need to remind him…

Men and fixing things...