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  • Emma Ruiz

    {Cocktail Friday} Coconut Creamsicle Margarita Coconut Creamsicle Margarita- photo & recipe via How Sweet It Is 2 ounces grand marnier 2 ounces orange juice 1 1/2 ounces silver tequila 1 ounce lime juice 1 ounce coconut water 1 ounce canned light coconut milk 1 ounce simple syrup unsweetened shredded + toasted coconut for glass rims orange + lime slices for serving

  • Tina Lepley

    Here’s what I have realized in the past 12 hours: I have a ridiculous amount of margarita and taco recipes.Can’t even deal.I’m like, oh, maybe I’ll make a list of some cinco de mayo recipes at the request of my invisible internet friends, which ultimately turned into my computer freezing because I had about 64 tabs open on my browser. That’s what happens when your first name is pro and your last is crastinator.Oompf.I think it was last year when I first spotted this 1800 coconut tequila – I’ve wanted it ever since. As an equal opportunity tequila lover, I knew this could NOT be bad. As a coconut freak, I was positive it would be my beverage of choice. I was right. Unfortunately, it didn’t catch my eye until after I’d made these strawberry coconut margaritas, which happened to be one of my go-to drinks. But after multiple makings over the last year I determined: they could get better. Hence this current beauty.These margs are slightly orange-flavored with a hint of coconut water and canned coconut milk – this is one of the only instances where I will tell you that light coconut milk is better. You don’t NEED the coconut tequila but since I don’t like to lie to you… you need the coconut tequila. Just in your life, period.Now, what incredible things are you making this weekend?If you need some beverage ideas, you can go with a traditional margarita (my favorite) or a various array of strawberry, peach, roasted blueberry basil, jalapeño mango, blood orange or pomegranate. I’m a total on-the-rocks girl but a quick whip in the blender with some crushed ice and these can be frozen in no time. If you want a non-alcoholic choice, try some agua fresca in whatever flavor your little heart desires.My taco list is nothing short of embarrassing. We have crockpot cheddar beer chicken, crockpot beer carnitas, smoky sweet potato and black bean and smoky chicken with goat cheese tacos. These old school crispy shrimp tacos are one of my favorite blog recipes of all time and if you want to really trash things up, you can make buffalo chicken tacos or crispy margarita chicken tacos. These portobello and fontina queso fajitas aren’t too bad either.I, personally, am still hooked on the crockpot short rib tacos because I want to EAT ALL THE SHORT RIBS. In the world.A few other random but often-made favorites are these cheesy double bean quesadillas, as well as caramelized pineapple quesadillas. We also lovelovelove BBQ chicken and buffalo chicken enchiladas, which are basically tex-mex blasphemy, but delicious tex-mex blasphemy. I sort of feel like tostadas are simply high maintenance tacos, but dig these sweet and spicy glazed chicken ones. And if you’re experiencing snow this weekend (which…omg, ew), make this tortilla soup. Or some chicken enchilada pizza. Or at least a tequila steak salad. Maybe just drink the marinade.And if you really have no time and therefore, no plans to celebrate this fantastic holiday that calls for over eating everything fabulous, make some 20-minute turkey taco nachos.Or some chips and salsa? Tequila shots with lime?

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