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▶ Misty Copeland - I WILL WHAT I WANT - #YouTube

Seahorse Unicorn X-Ray by extramatic, via Flickr..

Thank you, Misty Copeland, for being perfect.

للراقصين على اوتار الوجع في بحار الشوق .. اوقفوا رقصكم النازف الما من دفق الذكريات .. اكسروا ريشة العود واقطعوا اوتار الكمان .. اتركوا حروفكم ترسم الهجر على جدران الزمان .. ولا تزهو فرحاً بالرقص طرباً على بقايا انسان .. فالدنيا مرآة وكما تدين تدان ..

TCHAIKOVSKY ~ MISTY COPELAND - 32 --- 2014 - YouTube Another misty Copland video

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Misty Copeland Is A 21st-Century Queen In New Photo Book

Take a sneak peek at Gregg Delman's book that immortalizes a woman changing the face of dance.

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You Should Know Ballerinas Are More Hardcore Than You

Click through for a great article on how ballet dancers could also be called 'artistic ninjas'!

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How to get motivated and break the bad habits?

If you want it, go after it. Misty Copeland from Under Armor. Meet Misty in Cleveland on March 13, 2015.