Good Reads 100 Best Books Ever Written

I like this list.

100 Books You Can't Put Down. I've read some of these . . . I think I should check out the rest!

Just how well read are you? A list (and quiz) with some of the must read classics! I'm definitely making sure these are on my "to read" list. Sounds like a lot of reading

32 Books Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud - some of these are great, some were definitely on my to-read list already.

A GREAT list of books that are impossible to put down! If you want a book that will keep you up reading until WAAAY too late, this list is perfect! Tons of great suggestions.

Sharing a fun round up of my 20 Top books of the past 10 years. So many good books!

53 Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down - This is a good list... so I'll forgive the heresy of The Fakest Lizzie Bennet in the Worst Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ever.

How many of these twisty books have you read?

100 Books to Read Before They're Movies (<-- first picks: all book-to-be-movies eventually staring Jennifer Lawrence.)

Everyday Planet: The BBC Top 100 Books ...

9 Romance Books For People Who Hate Romance Novels

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime

Best+Books+of+All+Time | The 100 Greatest Books of All Time | Fandomania

Best Books of ALL TIME: 100 Novels

summer reads

82 books to read; will be great for book club

Books for Broken People of all kinds. Especially those with hurting hearts.

Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

Books with crazy plot twists.