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  • Shirley Highers

    Officer Jason Gates pulls over a driver for a red light violation. In this video, you can see the driver swerving back and forth a little bit on the road. As Gates approaches the vehicle, he realizes that the woman was having difficult time breathing. Immediately he gives the woman back blows, but that did not work. He then takes her out of the car and does the Heimlich maneuver and saves the woman’s life. Officer Gates was recognized as the hero

  • CJ Clements

    Cop Pulls Over Choking Driver, Then Saves Her Life


    Video: Cop Saves Woman From Choking On a Hot Dog - A Funny Video on KillSomeTime

  • LidTime

    Police officer saved a woman from choking by performing Heimlich maneuver

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  • Carrie Evolving

    How does it alert local authorities? Most local 9-1-1 centers do not have the capability of being a primary contact for app generated information. Does it have it's own call center that relays the information? Address? Names? Or can it only give a possible gps location?

  • Chloe Parker

    Carrie Mcknelly Evolving , I'm not sure if it does or not. I have the app for when I'm walking alone and might be in a scary situation (you can click the screen 3 times to send a distress message), but all I know is that it sends your location and your customizable message (which mine says call 911!) to your set emergency contacts. But, I'm not sure if it actually alerts authorities or not..

  • Chloe Parker

    Carrie Evolving (stupid pinterest)... Sorry Carrie Mcknelly Mcknelly

  • Jami Marek

    wow that is very very smart

  • Jessica N

    I think it's a great concept, but won't they (the abuser) know how to find out if the abused has this app? What with info available so easily nowadays and all

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