So true!

I laughed 'cause its true.

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Oh how true.. Haha

I feel his pain, I have the same reaction. ..haha..... Funny Pictures Of The Day - 112 Pics

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I find this picture really funny, but true.This is a big problem in American unhealthy people who are always making bad health decisions that lead to obesity one of the biggest problems in America. Many go the easy way which is fast food and junk food just because it satisfy's them as well as their budgets, well at least most of it. I have really bad eating habits and when i try to make a difference i come across things such as this picture, its torture.

Can't always look cute. Especially when crying.

Every time.... Yep!

this is true

Yep. Me & Megan every day! Lol

when your mom leaves you in wal mart

So true!

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Hahaha true

Very accurate