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  • Maya Worth

    This video shows how "the sun sees you". They do this by shinning ultraviolet lights on people and showed what happened when they put sunscreen on.

  • LeaNoticias Com

    Una cámara ultravioleta muestra los devastadores efectos del sol (Video + WOW) -


    WORTH REPOSTING | This video offers a compelling image to accompany Mother Strickland's "wear sunscreen!" refrain we’ve so often heard time and time again. Watch the video so you needn't hear us say to put on some dang sunscreen already...

  • Shayanne - I Follow Back

    Skin Care: What Happens To Your Face When You Wear Sunscreen Might Shock You. It Did For These People.

  • Utah Kjar Plastic Surgery & Candessa Aesthetics

    How the sun sees you. Shot in Ultraviolet. #sundamage #skincare #sunscreen #video #antiaging

  • Tendencia

    Un video de #ThomasLeveritt te muestra cuánto daño te hace el sol #HowTheSunSeesYou #skin #piel #salud

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