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Just look at that face....I wish I aged as well as a golden!! So beautiful, wise and loving.

Oh dear, didn't quite make it this morning, did we??

St. Bernard puppy with a look that would melt anyone's heart. Look at his paws! Noooo; he won't get big; not at all. hehe.

My fat cat used to do this. Her enormous belly would splay out on either side of the chair. I miss her.

Kitty remembers me how much I was worring when my daughter started walking around and ONLY did go to the stairs

I bet her feet smell like vanilla. Or, "ban-niwwa". Because I cannot speak in anything but Baby Talk when I look at this picture.// i had to re-pin this because my friend is tute.

Damn you, kittens, for being so cute! I wish there were manly things to pin...

Books & cats. my two favorite things! CAT: " Yeah, but I'd like teh see more books on feline status."

robynlovesteacups: eclektic: Tenderness awwww kits!!!!

Relax, it is okay to be loved, nurtured, and appreciated. This is what your soul does best! #yoga #love

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