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    • maryanne /h

      DIY ornament storage: glue plastic cups to cardboard to store fragile ornaments. #Christmas #ChristmasOrganization #ornaments

    • Kristin Altieri

      What a great idea! Christmas Ornament Storage: Glue plastic cups to cardboard that has been cut to fit the box. So much better than trying to put them back in the boxes.

    • Charlotte Harris

      50 Genius Storage Ideas ~ Glue plastic cups to cardboard to safely store your Christmas ornaments. Wish I saw this before I bought the expensive ornament storage boxes!

    • Cathy Dunn

      ornament storage - glue cups to the cardboard cut to fit the box. perfect ornament storage idea. GREAT IDEA!

    • . .

      #DIY -Christmas Storage/ Genius Storage Ideas ~ Glue plastic cups to cardboard to safely store your Christmas ornaments!

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