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Chin UP! :) This little baby is trying so hard to stay upright atop my Hand Stitched TWO FEET Furry Brown Photography Prop by BabyBirdz, $65.00

Can you see the 'Angel Wings?' Photography Prop Blanket by BabyBirdz looks like wings when arranged behind baby! $65.00

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Christmas Photography Props Baby Blanket Hammock for Newborn Infant Christmas Holidays

Fluffy Photography Prop Baby Blanket 'Marshmallow' by BabyBirdz, $65.00

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Deep Green Grass Texture Photography Prop Baby Blanket. TWO FEET, Every Inch Made by HAND Fake 'Grass' Rug

Look who just SPROUTED UP! :() Deep Green Grass Texture Photography Prop Baby by BabyBirdz, $65.00

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Baby Pink Cotton Candy - Newborn Photography Props Infant Girl Baby Wraps (Pick Color)

#Photography: Dreaming of pink cotton candy! #Baby Newborn Photography Prop Belly 2 Baby wraps by BabyBirdz, $75.00

Farmhouse Chic Photography Prop Baby Blanket by BabyBirdz: Cotton blend with tufts of pale blue, sage green $65.00

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Knit Newborn Hat Boy Infant Baby Boy Knit Hat Newborn Boy Knit Hat

Hey, there's a BABY in my Root Beer Float! ;) Bubble Blanket Photography Prop by BabyBirdz 145.00

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Bed of Moss Blanket Photography Props for Babies Green Rug 'Grass' Baby Blanket

What I love most about this photo is if you click to see it closer, you'll see that he's feeling the soft photography blanket, even in his sleep. Awwwww! Blanket Photo Prop for Babies Green Rug by BabyBirdz, $65.00

Peek-a-Boo: America loves you! Happy Fourth of July Baby Blanket Photography Prop by BabyBirdz, 95.00

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Sepia Brown Fringe Hammock Baby Photo Prop Blanket Photography Prop Newborn Infant

Sepia Brown PROP Hammock for Baby: Another Original Design by BabyBirdz (if u click thru u'll see how to use for maternity pics, too!), $95.00

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Neutral Fringe Baby Blanket Yarn Photography Prop Fringe Cream Fringe Hammock

Ride 'em, Cowboy! Just a few more years until this little one is ready to get to saddle up! ;) Neutral Fringe Baby Blanket Yarn Photography Prop by BabyBirdz 95.00

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Grass Green Fur Baby Blankets Photo Props Hand Knit

Born on the Fourth of July: Red, White & Blue (plus more) THREE FEET SQUARE Baby Blanket Prop by BabyBirdz, $95.00

Maternity Photography Prop Top Cover 4 Mom's Big Belly...THEN as Fringe Blanket or Hammock for Baby's Photo! by BabyBirdz, $95.00

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Fathers Day Gift Set Baby Boy Daddy Personalized Tie Bodysuit and Tie T-shirt. Matching Set Daddy & Son, Birthday Outfit, Coming Home Outfit

Personalized Set for Daddy and Baby. Any Tie on Any Size Onesie and T-Shirt. Sweet Photo Prop. Family Beach.. $53.00 USD, via Etsy.

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Reserved for Charisse

Baby mermaid photo prop- 4 piece set- 6-12 months- Made to order. $58.00, I think she's gonna look like this. adorable