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Homemade Ice Melt

by Josh Arnold
If your home's driveway. stairs and sidewalks are icy after a snowstorm and you don't have any traditional rock salt on hand, you can de-ice the surfaces using a variety of household products. Not only are homemade ice melts more convenient and budget-friendly that commerical de-icers, some are bett...
  • Becky Combs

    Homemade Ice Melter: 1 cup water mixed with 3 cups vinegar OR rubbing alcohol (1:3 mixture)

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SKUNK WASH One quart 3% hydrogen peroxide ¼ cup baking soda 1 teaspoon of liquid dish or laundry soap (without bleach or ammonia) Mix these 3 ingredients together, then dip a washrag in the solution and rub down the dog. Rinse and the odor will disappear within minutes! This recipe can also be used for clothes, skin, etc. (posting with the hopes I will never have to try it!)

I wonder if any of these are accurate?

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Too frequently firefighters come upon a car wreck where the mom is unconscious and there are children in the car who are too young to speak or communicate anything useful to the rescue team. ADVICE: Place a sticker on each child's car seat providing information that can help rescuers. Include: child's name & DOB, parent's names, DOB & phone, emergency contact info, child's doctor, any medical issues.

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