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  • Bailey Marie Ford

    Graphic Design Tips

  • 1000 Drawings

    Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide Infographic // All great information. Typography is the most important element of graphic design.

  • Anna-Mart Fourie

    Comic Sans - a Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide Infographic

  • Libby Sauder

    A quick and easy to understand graphical guide to typography. It covers knowing the difference between typefaces, common styles, type anatomy and different layouts. Thank You Noodlor for putting together this great: INFOGRAPHIC: A Comprehensive Guide to Typography

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These logos are very funny with the type showing what type face the picture is in.

TYPEFACE Film poster. Hand drawn, etched into wood, individually inked up and printed on an Albion Press by Daren Newman.

I really like having an image (could be photography or a sketch) come through typography or a text like this. This could be a logo where when it is small the letters could be solid colors and when bigger, the sketch could become a part of it.

Seriously, this is heaven sent!!! I also fumble through too many fonts before I find the perfect ampersand.

A History of Western Typefaces

Interesting type guide. Caution: don't go overboard with PPT fonts... for most presentations just a single plain (serif or sans serif) font will do.

Here's a guide to typography and fonts. Get up to speed or refresh your knowledge of type terms.

Calligraphy Return Address Stamp -- Mixed Calligraphy and type - Rebel Stout Style off center

10 Free Script Typefaces | Nicoles Classes