everytime I think : oh god WHY??!

i hate these plastic things - practically kill myself with the sharp edges or the knife i'm using to open it

be strong

I'm not only putting on my big girl panties, I'm putting on my bitch bra, my shit kicker boots and my spiked leather belt with the boy toy belt buckle. So don't tell me to "deal with it." I got this covered. This is so Funny had t reprinn


grammar someecards

I apologize for the language, but I LOVE being a grammar teacher!

Genius... Pure genius

Will being Will

Oh my god!!! I totally thought this same exact saying and punch line when I was pumping the other day!  I thought I was all funny for coming up with it. Guess I'm not original ;)

A Funny Mom Quotes --> truth. definitely okay to cry over spilled breastmilk

Funny baby.

Funny picture of a baby and a dirty caption: Last night is a blur. I vaguely remember breastfeeding, and then shitting myself.

I don't always drink milk, but when I do...

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draw tornado bored

Papers on my desk have these all over them. Not because I'm bored. I just doodle them when I'm talking on the phone to a sales rep and not really hearing anything he says. I'm drawing tornados!

Bahahahaha I'm sorry, that's funny!! :)

I can't believe that cop put me in the backseat when I clearly called shotgun. I think this is funny I think it says something about my sense of humor.