• Angela Anderson

    for the dining chairs? - spray paint ombre chair

  • Kelley Stratton

    Ombre Accent Chair - For old chairs with multiple coats of paint needing facelift

  • Ariel Strohkirch

    Random wooden chair at a garage sale or thrift store? Ombre chair!!!

  • Dzenita Haj

    furniture makeover; ombre chair

  • Stephanie Reisnour

    105 DIY Projects That Will Make You Proud: Loving the gilded touch on this sunburst mirror crafted from wood shims. : Even if you weren't the best math student, this Dimensional Geometric Wall Art tutorial is easy! : Instead of wallpaper, customize your own wall art with a Decoupage Ceiling. : There are several ways to approach a DIY Tufted Headboard but we're anxious to try this one. : This Ombre Chair can turn a lackluster flea market find into something extraordinary.

  • Patty Young

    diy project. shades of blue ombre chair. painted chair.

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