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I love the patterns you get with Magnetic nail polish...a little odd to know theres iron powder in my polish, but the end result, & using the magnet to create it, is very fun! :) (pic & post on

Offbeat Bridefrom Offbeat Bride

The ultimate manicure for gamer brides!

I'd love to try this. My version would almost definitely include green nail polish dripping off of my fingerpads. I suck at nail polish.

You will need 4 colors of nail polish, a dental floss holder and a piece of wax paper. 1) Paint your nail with a color that you prefer. 2) Apply a generous glob of nail polish to a piece of wax paper . 3) Dab the floss in the nail polish and rock it over your nail to create a lines. 4) Repeat step 2 and 3 with another color. 5) Apply a top coat.

Directions: 1. White Base Color 2. Place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail. 3. Spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick. 4. Apply topcoat. 5. Voila!

All Lacquered Upfrom All Lacquered Up

My First (and LAST) Water Marble Manicure

love the monochromatic marble

Just put black nail polish let it dry them put on dark Blue and silver sparkles ( can do a different color if you want ) and lightly put on the top and a little heavier on other places to look like the galaxy