Grilled Bok Choy - this was so easy and yummy. I made some spicy garlic oil for the bok choy, spread it on with salt and pepper and grilled!

Thai Grilled Chicken with Cilantro

From artichokes to zucchini, here are 24 grilled vegetable recipes that'll have you firing up the grill just for them

Baby Bok Choy With Garlic from Not sure where I found this baby bok choy recipe, it's either from Gourmet or Bon Appetit. It's quick, delicious, and compliments any Asian stir-fry.

Spicy Roasted bok choy

Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwiches with Fig & Honey #Sandwiches #Grilled_Cheese #Goat_Cheese #Fig #Honey

Kebabs just got way more awesome: these lamb kebabs are made with leg of lamb and a lemon-based marinade, crusted with herbs after searing.

Another 0 point soup - just clock full of veggies! I dont eat this as snacks (as I know some people do) but rather as for dinner with sandwiches. This freezes wonderfully in small tupperware containers - which is great to bring to work and heat up in the micro. Recipe source:

veggie and egg tower

Beef with Broccoli (Crockpot) - this was good and simple! Next time I will buy pre-cut beef. Cutting it myself was too much work (and gross). Will use low sodium soy next time, and add more veggies.

Spin on Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers: BBQ Peanut.

Bok Choy Recipe

A Resetting Cleansing Vegan Veggie Bowl

Braised Bok Choy.

Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Ginger and Garlic Recipe

Chili Lime Jicama Sticks by seriouseats: Chipotle powder provides both heat and smokiness for this recipe, but any mild or hot chili powder can be used. #Appetizers #Jicama Sweet and Sour Chicken

Grilled Baby Veggies with Arugula-Mint Pesto Sauce

Brown Sugar & Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin

Top 10 Clean Eating Recipes. I would make the recipe shown in the picture again but omit the thyme and add a different seasoning.

In cold weather, you may be tempted to give up on the farmers' market and head straight to the tropical-fruit aisle of your grocery store. But don't turn away so quickly. Those durable, sturdy veggies that last long after the peaches and blueberries have come and gone are secret stores of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and more