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Lowe's Creative Ideas: DIY Hypertufa planters.

Make Hypertufa Pots Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas Create rustic, textured containers from a mixture of Portland cement, perlite (or vermiculite), and water. Once you master this technique, you can make containers in any size.

Make Your Own Hypertufa Container  Hypertufa looks like stone but weighs less and takes whatever shape you want

How to make your own hypertufa container. Hypertufa looks like stone but weighs less and takes whatever shape you want.

❧ Papercrete. use 1 3/4 parts paper well pulped, 1 part portland cement, and 1/2 part perlite. Seems to make a very strong mix. After making the mold for the larger square containers I am working on more molds. The largest containers are 11″ X 19″ x 5″

Papercrete: Proportions are 2 parts Portland Cement, 2 parts (dry volume) finely shredded paper loosely packed, & parts sand or perlite. Papercrete has a fairly smooth consistency & paper fibers make it easy to shape. When ready t

Fabriquez des pots de fleurs en béton

Fabriquez des pots de fleurs en béton

33 Shades of Green: Making Hypertufa Pots for Swift-jones I like your image, it's awesome ! - Keep up the great work !

briques en fleurs

Garden Project: Cinder Block Succulent Planter What a great idea. All of my raised beds are made with cinder blocks and next spring we are downsizing. I had no idea what to do with the extra blocks, now I know what to do with them.

Concrete Planter Pot Succulents Cacti Cement por TimberlineStudio Más

Jardinera de hormigón, suculentas cactus, cemento jardinera recipiente, cordeles de yute rústicos - 4" de diámetro

Comment faire des pots de fleur et pas japonais a moindre frais!

Casting in hypertufa is fun and not at all difficult. Hypertufa is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and peat moss. If you want you can replace the sand with perlite, it makes the pots and trays a lot lighter as perlite weighs almost nothing.

Differentes recettes de ciment de papier

A variety of concrete, cement paste & hypertufa mix formulas (or recipes, as they are often referred to), that are intended for use in arts & crafts.