This has to be the perfect pirate birthday cake (or perhaps the best supportive cake ever for any one passing through troubles water).

And this truly amazing Sleeping Beauty cake, which really brings that birthday preparation scene to life. | 27 Disney Princess Confections That Will Blow Your Mind

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pirate cake by Janny Dangerous

How to stencil-paint a cake | Learn how from Gateaux Inc on

I doubt we will have a cake... But if we do this should be the one! Maybe a sea turtle on top in place of the surf board! HAHA

Beyond gorgeous. Unbelievably amazing. ew

Some absolutely fabulous Halloween cakes over on Cake Wrecks!

Birthday Cakes - 3D Nemo

Learn to make amazing edible sequins with gumpaste and silver airbrush paint by, via Flickr

Cake Was Made By Mike S Amazing Cakes This Disney Created

Pirate Ship cake - really detailed

Pirate & Mermaid Cake

Incredibly amazing "sunprint" wedding cake - Once Wed / Joy Thigpen

"Up" cake. Amazing!

Peanuts cake

Oh wow. That... is amazing

cutest cake