Made out of stove burner covers from the dollar store...

DIY Cupcake Stand - Dollar store pizza pan, stove top covers and candlesticks

Love these cupcake stands made out of burner covers from the Dollar Tree.

HOME-MADE cupcake stand Made out of stove burner covers from the dollar store.


Candy buffet - Glue glass jar onto a candlestick from the dollar store!!

Great idea for stamps and bits on the desk. and easy to make. Keep eyes peeled at thrift stores.

50 Dollar Store Crafts! You'll find something that inspires in this extensive list!

Gift tags made of Salt dough & then stamped. Made with 1 cup salt, 2 cups all purpose flour and 1 cup luke warm water.

dollar store craft

dollar stor stove burner covers and candlesticks! Candlesticks are stacked - 1 upright, 1 upside down on top of the other - makes for a higher plate

love this cake stand (I can make this)different colors

Love this idea

DIY-Glue two dollar store frames together for a Chic chunkier look.

A candlestick or old vase, an old plate or pie tin and some really good glue ----- you can make lots of interesting cake stands in a variety of sizes and styles.

Dipping white candles into melted crayons to add color - great way to color dollar store candles for events!

I have GOT to do this! DIY catch-all, jewelry catcher! I can get these items at the $1 store....

Cute cake stands made from painted pie pans and wooden candlestick holders!

Cupcake Stand Acrylic by sophieliu2 on Etsy

Glitter Vases or Cups!