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Military Wife Faith and Love. Its been tough but in the end it's me and him. He knows, I know....Jealous vindictive people may try to ruin that but keep trying you will always fail , you will never get in between us. Our love has grown to be stronger each day since we met. GSD- Always & Forever

I'll admit that my relationship with Steven has never been perfect. Mainly because he was gone for at least 70% of our first two years together and I didn't know how to handle the love of my life being in a combat zone. But, the last year has definitely made up for all that time apart and our relationship couldn't be better! We really are happy! :)

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Land of the Free, Because of the Brave Thank you all who put your lives on the line and have GIVEN your LIVES to make our country Free!! God bless you all!

I LOVED hearing his voice for the first time since leaving for boot camp. It was one of the best feelings ever.

also true for being a cop wife...I've got the double threat, but I chose this crazy life.