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Despite being a Californian I've only been up to the bay a few times, hopefully I can do some more exploring!

Rising mist by ExeDave, via Flickr... beautiful

cape cod, spent a day traveling the Cape Cod area with my husband a few years ago, while on a nursing assigment in Connecticut.

{shades of blue & the fondest farewell to summer} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr

I went to a yard sale today and the owner said something that changed the way I think: "My buddy owned this place. Found out he has pancreatic cancer, and realized that all this materialistic shit just doesn't matter. He left all this and got a boat to go on his last fishing trip. You see that?" He pointed at the sky. "That's all he needs right now. An open sky, some trees, and water. When you're ready to check out it's just not about this materialistic shit."

Swimming by Hanna Schulz - Getting the timing right and treading water are not conducive to also getting the horizon straight.

Someday, Vaughn and Cruz, I'll introduce you to the ocean, one of my life's great loves.

I would love a helm for the wall. Or maybe the door in front of the toilet, lol.

Look out for me, oh muddy water - your mysteries are deep and wide. I got a need for goin someplace, and I got a need to climb up on your back and ride :D

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