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Martin Freeman | Outtakes from the Esquire Photoshoot

Martin Freeman everyone's favorite hobbit. And Watson.

Wait a minute a sword what do I need this for?! I thought I was just looking at dead bodies not helping to kill them!

Martin Freeman..... that is all---> John Watson, pre-army days. I just can't stop laughing at this picture

Martin Freeman: Look at that face! I just want to hug it and feed it cookies!

hedgehogs that look like martin freeman. cutest little hedgehobbits in the world.

Ok so here's the dealio. As you can tell I'm on a Martin Freeman/Bilbo Baggins/Tim Canterbury high. This is due the fact that...wait. I don't need to explain! JUST LET ME LOVE HIM!!! kthanksbye.

"Hope to see you in theatres this fall... because I will be in ALL of them, checking if you're there."

Martin Freeman is adorable! Swearing in an interview. That was a stupid question to ask to be fair. Good thing then that Martin and Benedict actually do get along!