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Es Pallu Butung (Makassar Iced Banana) @IndonesiaEats

Biji Salak is sticky sweet potato balls in palm sugar syrup and coconut milk.

Coconut Rice Filling Wrapped In Banana Leaves, Arem-Arem | Ira Rodriguez

Arem-Arem (Indonesian Savoury Coconut Rice in Banana Leaves).

Ayam Betutu, Balinese Chicken Wrapped In Banana Leaves is simply delicious especially after a day at the beach!

Manado woku spiced fish wrapped in banana leaves

Sate Bandeng Daun Pisang - Milk Fish Satay wrapped with banana leaf

Konro Soup - is a typical dish frm Indonesian. A beef rib soup that comes from the tradition of Bugis and Makassar. This soup is usually made ​​with beef ribs or beef. A food frm Makasar, South Sulawesi - Indonesia.