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Kue kamir or kamir cake, a kind of pancake specialty of Pemalang, Central Java

Nasi Minyak, a speical mixed herbs rice from Jambi

Mie lendir, a specialty noodle from Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island

Mie Belitung, a specialty noodle from Belitung island

Babat gongso, tripe stirfry ig sweet soy sauce specialty of Semarang, Central Java

Sup Matahari, soup of the sun, a specialty of Solo (Surakarta) usually served at weddings

Ikan Gurame Terbang Goreng,fried flying gourami fish served with herbs and sambal

Dodol Garut, a kind of sweet snack made from sticky rie flour from Garut, West Java

Ayam cincane, spicy roasted chicken specialty of East Kalimantan

Kaledo, a kind of beef and marrow soup specialty of Central Sulawesi

Nasi buk, a special mixed rice from Madura, East Java

Nasi buk, a special mixed rice from Madura, East Java

Ayam lodho, spicy roasted free range chicken in coconut milk specialty of Tulungagung (East Java)

Panada, a kind of fish fried dumpling from Manado, North Sulawesi

Asem-asem daging, spicy and sour beef soup specialty of Semarang

Nasi Udang Bu Rudy, special mixed rice with crispy fried shrimps from Surabaya

Pepes ikan mas, steamed goldfish in banana leaves wraps with herbs (West Java)

Pecel lele, fried catfish with sambal or hot and spicy condiment (East Java)

Lontong Medan, sliced rice cakes with variety of topping sauce from Medan (North Sumatra)

Ledre, a kind of banana crispy rolled crepes from Bojonegoro (East Java)

Jamu majun, a special sweet herbal drink for children, specialty of Semarang, Central Java

Geplak, a sweet snack from shredded coconut from Bantul, Yogyakarta

Durian pancake specialty of Medan, North Sumatra

Pudak, a kind of sweet snack from Gresik, East Java

Maksuba cake, a sweet cake from duck eggs specialty of Palembang, South Sumatra