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    Ok so from this list made me recall a few things. 1st my best painting to date was a 12x14 oil I did after a pretty bad break up. Best work ever came from a lot of sadness!!!! 2nd just ask Mindy Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton brooks cake fixes everything for me.... Three best things in life sleep,cake, and well you'll have to guess the third;)

    Kind of perfect for this time of year...first and foremost, count my blessings. - 16x20 "My to-do list for today...Count my blessings" Hand stamped on by Houseof3

    I don't know about the SHOULDs in the title, but here is some wise advice. Pick a few and give them a try. Some were new ideas to me and I'm an ol' lady.

    Wise words to consider....

    the ultimate list... just try your best (however it doesn't include "loose 10 pounds & drink less wine"

    Things to give up if you want to be happy…

    and the after-rain scent on dry earth, the hot coca, the stary night, the lying in the hay, the cookie dough, the summer breeze, .....

    We are all in this together. Happiness and kindness are contagious.