the jesus look..

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<3 so handsome! <3 who is this guy?? very full thick dark red beard and mustache beards bearded man men long hair bushy redhead ginger nice eyes #beardsforever



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Facial Hair - Beard lengths are achieved in proportion by keeping the sides tamed. A full length beard all around can be off putting.


Beard and hair

Love the hair, love the beard.

Beard and tattoo #outisinusa #apparelforallgenders #beards #tattoo

This MAN is @spizoiky. He lives by no MAN's rules, not even his own. #TheManClub #Apothecary87 Photo: @lanedorsey Brand: @ruckusapparel

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i don't know who you are, but i will look for you, i will find you, and i will hug you.

Ricki Hall @RickiFuckinHall #beard #tattoos


Burnt red man bun and beard. I'm planning our wedding as I pin.

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