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  • Renae McElrath

    With this helpful guide, you can easily eat in-season vegetables & fruit all year round! #CrockPot #SlowCooker #Recipes #Cooking #Vegetables #Fruit

  • Jodee Gravel

    eating with the seasons, when fruits and veggies are at their best - I have been looking for this. not everything is in season everywhere but this looks close for California.

  • Kayla Kidwell

    Eat seasonably: when fruits & veggies are in season & at the peak of flavor #vegetables #fruit #season #eating #cooking

  • Sheila Miller

    Eat Seasonably, eat healthy.

  • Charlotte Richardson

    Eat seasonably. When fruits and veggies are in season and at the peak of flavor.

  • BeWell Organics

    Eat seasonably: Not only does fresh, seasonal food taste better, it is better for you too! Fresh produce contains more vitamins and minerals than food that is grown in hothouses, picked prematurely, refrigerated and then shipped to your local market. Plus it is typically more affordable- when produce is in season locally, the relative abundance of the crop usually makes it less expensive. #produce #seasonal #eatlocal #health #wellness

  • Felicia Bray

    A (pretty!) guide to eating with the seasons. (Follow our other boards for detox, fitness, yoga and green living tips:

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"The Eat Seasonably Calendar" helps you select fruits & veggies that are in season ♥ They usually taste better & are a better value... and are usually better for the environment too! ♥ (if you click on the picture it will take you to a cool interactive seasonal fruit & veggie wheel!)

A list of fruits/vegetables and what months they are in season. Very helpful when food shopping & cooking!

I would LOVE to eat like this! I would have to start by changing my whole diet to be vegan again.. but It actually makes you feel so much better when you eat the foods that grow in your climate at that time!!!

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I think this would be fun....until I had to cut into the cute animals to eat them. :

March is national nutrition month! One way to make sure you and your family are getting the nutrients from fruits and veggies is to shop seasonally! This also helps on cost because produce that is out of season costs more!

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When different foods are in season! also has different teas and how long the bags need to soak in water... good to know!

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