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my soul mate and I already are two happy people who have come together to find love in our hearts as home anchor bases for each other :)

POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE > Photography > Portfolio Review: Interview with… Arturo Oliva Pedroza

The empty space points to the subject // true of photography and true of life

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Who Should You Date Next?

Wondering who you should date next? Answer these 10 simple questions and find out now!

Reminds me of a fond memory...Dancing together as the music from the turntable played. You took my hand and spun me around. We were such hopeless romantics lol

falling asleep in the back of the car, his head on your lap | cute #couple in love

Engagement photo ideas: take the leap! (Photographer: Megan @

this is what my engagement photos will look like one day :)

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I love classic black and white. It takes away the distracting colour and allows you to see things usually missed.

40 Most Romantic Couple Photography Examples #couple #love #romance #husband #wife #soulmates #bestfriends #together #prettyperfectcouple

“You appeared to me in my darkness. You asked me once why I didn’t sleep with you that night. It’s so clear to me now; I drank in your goodness, and it satisfied my longings.” Julia, “I don’t remember everything, but I remember thinking that you were very beautiful. Your hair, your face, your mouth. Sonnets could be written about your mouth, Julianne. I ached to kiss it from the moment I saw you.