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Stem Cell Cooperative Project

Stem Cell Cooperative Project- great group activity! Includes rubric and suggested links to get your students started on the right foot!

Cells Task Cards with Game Board {Editable Template}

This set of 80 Cell Task Cards with editable template is a fun and effective way for student to review cell structures and functions. These task cards will support individual review (especially for early finishers) as well as promote student centered collaborative learning that will keep students engaged while reinforcing concepts at the same time. The game board will turn the the task cards into a fun review game that will have your students asking for more!

Animal Cell Crossword with Diagram {Editable}

Help students learn and remember the parts of an animal cell using this diagram crossword. BONUS ACTIVITY: When they've completed the crossword, get them to cut out the diagram, glue it on a separate page and label the parts of the diagram. This activity would work well within an interactive notebook as well. It can function as an assessment of learning, or it can serve as another reinforcement activity. Afterwards, they have a handy labeled diagram to help them review.

Dichotomous Key - Create A Dichotomous Key Activity {Editable}

If you want students to truly understand dichotomous keys, you should get them to make their own! This activity will get students to understand how a dichotomous is structured and how it functions. This gets to the heart of how to classify organisms and it will hone their observation skills.

This website provides a list of biology experiments covering a wide range of topics that can be used in a high school classroom

Animal Plant Prokaryote Cell Coloring Diagram and Question Pages

Animal, Plant, and Prokaryote Cell Diagrams for coloring and labeling! These are fantastic for comparing different types of cells. Each diagram prints and copies well; I love how each organelle is easy to identify.

Students will create their own plant cell. This activity is AWESOME to include in a science interactive notebook.

Properties of matter-Interactive Science Notebook foldable

This foldable will help your students classify matter by its physical properties. This resource may be used with students from grades 4-6 (whole group, small groups or individual instruction). Adapted to address different learning styles and differentiated instruction.

Awesome edible "phospholipid bilayer" activity to help my students remember the structure and key parts of a typical cell membrane. Each student receives a snack bag with 8 marshmallows, 2 two inch sections of pull & peel licorice, and 1 four inch piece of a red vine licorice (I used grape flavored red vines this year as the "Purple" transport "Protein".) After completing a worksheet about the functions & key parts of a cell membrane, we each assemble one & pair share about each part