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Inspirational Quotes !!!

#Motivational #Quotes | List of the Top 20 Motivational Quotes (would be great list to frame and display)

Live. . .

Words to live by! May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave. On the shoulder?

Love this list of 20 things to start doing! Let's do it! :)

It's been a long week and I found myself searching for meaning like this. This will be my new motto!

Words to live by :)

♂ Inspirational Quotes About Life "Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything." #ecogentleman

Passion. Passion, and a smile is the most beautiful thing anyone can wear. :)

dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people

Be Honest With Yourself

be kind

Be Strong, But Not Rude. Be Kind, But Not Weak. Be Bold, But Don't Bully. Be Humble, But Not Shy. Be Confident, But Not Arrogant

Work hard

MY grass is greenest. Makes for a content life, and I like it that way!

Zodiac Files: Virgo 6-Word Motto, “I rely on my damn self.”

Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

Inspirational quotes