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A wheelchair dependent acquaintance recently told me she was a disabled woman with attitude. I said that we both knew it wasn't her disability that was an issue and she replied - well I have had the attitude ALL my life! It isn't a bad attitude - it is a strong 'stand up for myself' attitude and I applaud her stance of not allowing her disability to change her personality

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365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 223

"I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener." Live your own life and stop worrying about how other people are living.

Found this good one today.

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my word of the year, 2014

No one ever took me seriously. I was either too small, or too weak, or too carefree for others to look at me like I could make a difference. But all of those moments where people defeated me for things that weren't necessarily bad things, those moments made me great. Follow:

{Wise Words} Everyday Things Matter!

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

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13 Inspirational Quotes For When Everything Is Just The Worst

easy to say than done though. just like how can one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. but no doubt about it. don't let idiots ruin your day. just not worth spoiling your day.