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Found! The Ultimate Healthy Winter Breakfast

Foodie Underground, a project curated in part by Anna Brones, explores our relationship with the origin of our eats. Motivated by an unwavering belief that food should never be complicated or pretentious, Anna — author of vegetarian and GF primer The Culinary Cyclist, is serving up everything

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2 eggs 1 small bunch of fresh basil or about 8 full leaves, washed and dried 1 tomato (heirloom, if possible), cut into generous slices Black coarse pepper, to taste 1 container of Boursin cheese (garlic or black pepper) 1 thick slice of French sourdough bread. The Breakfast You'll Want Every Morning #Refinery29

1 Hard-Boiled Egg; 3 Small Slices Cheese (about 3/4 oz); 1 Handful Unsalted Almonds (about 1 1/2 oz): I also like walnuts, cashews, and sunflower seeds; 1 Apple: Any piece of whole fruit will do; 2 Mini Whole Wheat Pitas: Any healthy carb is perfect; 1 Tablespoon All-Fruit Jam: This is optional – just for spreading on your bread; Green Tea; 1 Cherry

This actually sounds yummy...and must be easy since it was a novice who came up with it! (Well, novice cook...not a movies in pretty much anything else she has ever done!) The Breakfast You'll Want Every Morning #refinery29