Everything in moderation; especially this inspirational bullshit.

"I miss my pre-Internet brain." Slogans for the Early 21st Century, by Douglas Coupland, 2012 at Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

8:05 a.m. November 9th

Think I'll go pick it up now...

and if they don't let you look at their phone....disappear into the bathroom to 'wash up'...you know

"We will probably never understand black holes. Or, why women fall madly in love with douchebags." Dude, YES!!!! Including myself.

This is my idea for the economy. No job. No problem you are a back up dancer or theme song singer

This just makes me laugh!! Mostly because it is so true!

Inspirational Ideas And Thougths ... !, It Is Said (All the flowers of the all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today) TO FULFILL YOUR00 DREAMS YOU NEEDTO BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS And You Need To Create That :) •Think Different And Just Be Yourself ... !! Live You Live And Be Happy :)

I never make the same mistake twice...

Hand sanitizer

Sounds good to me!


Hahah.. I love this.. its like being an adult reverts you back to being a little kid... little things are exciting again!

this seemingly simple rule is the ultimate life saving grace and winner

haha perfect

do you?