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"I miss my pre-Internet brain." Slogans for the Early 21st Century, by Douglas Coupland, 2012 at Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We will probably never understand black holes . Or , why women fall madly in love with douchebags .

Perfect Quote to some up my life... I never run with Scissors... Those last two words were not necessary

This is my idea for the economy. No job. No problem you are a back up dancer or theme song singer

Baby Rabiesfrom Baby Rabies

Mommy Truth: It’s A Job Requirement

Parenting......Oh my goodness, I certainly have a sense of humor...four kids, four grandkids, and dozens of kids from other mothers at my house for years...I love it !

and if they don't let you look at their phone....disappear into the bathroom to 'wash up' know

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I have the t-shirt in every color...short sleeve, long sleeve and tank top. Favorite would be hot pink. .@Georgianna Murphy Blizzard ....seriously!

Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting. True story! Lol

Girl truths: I'm in the mood to... receive a check for six hundred thousand dollars.