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A simple white shirt will always be elegant and stylish. Una camisa blanca te saca de cualquier apuro. Combina con un traje o unos vaqueros (jeans), es un imprescindible en el armario masculino.

Trenches and overcoats always a thing, they just need to come back. Otherwise I love the entire ensemble and the colours in general.

tattered jeans and v neck t shirt... the beard and tats have nothing to do with how sexy this is.... I swear...

I think Owen would look good with a hair style like this....NOT the beard...

It amazes me how many times people nail everything, then fuck up at the last hurdle. With blue socks. *sigh*.

Top row far'd have to make that scary face, it's part of the look

I love her hair...Should I do this???If only I had the courage and no hair cut anxiety :\