Rebecca Crowell: December 2013

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Rebecca Crowell - Old Wall Barcelona

Cold wax recipes, Allison B. Cooke

Allison B. Cooke - Dolce Chiamata II

Abstract Art of Hiroshi Matsumoto ----BTW, Please Visit: #painting art #painting|

Rebecca Crowell - Ireland - Boglands

Rebecca Crowell - Small Works

Encaustic Painting - I need to take one of these classes. Painting with colored wax.

Rebecca Crowell ●彡

Erin Ashley. Take a fine arts workshop at Cullowhee Mountain ARTS this summer!

Saatchi Online Artist: Justyna Kopania; Oil, 2013, Painting "Rain...-street..."

green, I could pin all of Rebecca Crowells paintings...

Saatchi Online Artist: Henrie Haldane; GOLD 2013 Painting "JADE"

Koen Lybaert; Oil, 2013, Painting "abstract N° 637"

Liminal Moment by Bobbette Rose - Encaustic Monotype on Paper. These are paintings done directly on a heated plate with pigmented wax. Paper is laid on top and the image is offset onto the paper, similar to a typical monotype but no press. She does sveral thin layers, each time laying the paper down on the heated plate. In the final stage she often paints back into the image with a oil paint and a brush. Japanese washi paper used for this process, then matt and frame them under glass.

Koen Lybaert; Oil 2014 Painting "abstract N° 976"

Rebecca Crowell is a painter that works in Wax and Oil. She will be returning to Cullowhee Mountain ARTs summer 2014 to teach an advanced cold wax and oil workshop. She will also teach a workshop and host a retreat at Lake Logan in fall 2014. Watch her video to learn more about her and her work!

Rebecca Crowell Take her cold wax and oil painting workshop at Cullowhee Mountain Arts summer or fall 2014.

Rebecca Crowell Cold wax Art

Justyna Kopania; Oil, 2011, Painting "In October..."