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    How to meditate with a mala - perfect for those of us who get distracted during meditation!


    Here's why everyone should be meditating

    More important than a perfect Yoga pose

    How to Meditate with Your Mala Beads - A Step by Step Instruction This weeks blog (and a pretty awesome read if I may say so myself) is all about meditation, why we should all do it, different types AND how to use your Mala Beads during meditation. ॐ please SHARE this blog with your friends if you liked it or you know someone else who will! comments welcome! Namaste ॐ


    #Meditation Infographic: How to meditate and why people do #meditate

    4 Steps To Use Mala Beads For Meditation #yoga #yogaposes #health #meditation



    Meditation Ghana by Aaramaa #Photography #Meditation #Children

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    Mindfulness meditation

    Swathimaa shows you the 'correct' way of using your mala (prayer beads) for your meditation practice with mantras, (yes, many do it wrong! ) She also explains how you can make your mala into a personal power object.

    ~ 10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Meditation [Infographic] ~ #start_meditating #meditate #meditation

    mala beads | A mala is a string of 108 beads with one bead as the summit bead called a 'sumeru'. It is a tool used to keep your mind on the meditation practice. Malas are generally made from different materials such as tulsi (basil) wood, sandal wood, rudraksh seeds or crystal. Each type of material has certain properties which subtly affect the subconscious mind of the practitioner.

    The health benefits of meditation