What a beautiful haircut! My hair is a very similar texture, half straight and half curly, maybe I could get this cut to work...

Natural Waves | Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Makeup by Ashlee Glazer. Modeling by Courtney Adamo. Dress from COS http://tinyurl.com/ln44txh

A CUP OF JO: Three orange lipsticks

chambray + yellow

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cropped & wavy

bob haircut


REMINDER; NOTE TO SELF; stop getting stupid haircuts. Long hair.

A CUP OF JO: Found! The best pink lipstick

French Voguettes


wavy hair

15 ways to wear your hair up - no more mom pony.


Suspenders. I can't tell if the shirt is white, off white, or a very pale pink. Could be the lighting as well.

I want my hair to do this!!!

Love this haircut

Mod hair inspiration!

New hair cut? Medium hair cut... Still thinking of getting it cut even though I want to grow it out!