Great hair, beautiful sweater, great and beautiful smile | What Did Julia Roberts and InStyle’s Ariel Foxman Talk About Over a 3-Hour Lunch? Here’s a Peek

Julia Roberts. Perfect smile!

Julia Roberts~My Most favorite actress ever. She is a phenomenal woman and utterly gorgeous.

Julia Roberts' pic here is a fun reminder that style shouldn't be too fussy!

Love ya Cam

Julia roberts 'somebody somewhere in the world gets to kiss her'

Julia Roberts

Kate Hudson is one of the smiliest actesses, I think it makes her even more beautiful :)

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Angelina Jolie

Jessica Alba - happy black & white photography

Julia Roberts.

Oh Julia!

Sandra Bullock - beautiful

☼ ☾

Avril Lavigne best hair, best makeup!

Emma Stone

Angelina Jolie

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anne hathaway