If your shorts are too tight just cut the seem and insert lace!

Lace Shorts (especially for shorts that are too tight - just cut the inseam and insert lace)

Cut old jeans and sew a lace trim on

Lace boot socks

Turn an old pair of shoes into something new and unique with a little bit of lace and creativity! :: DIY projects:: Lace shoes DIY

supa cuuuute

A cute cheap solution for my now too small shorts/jeans I can't bring myself to get rid of


This screams me from head (if she was a blonde, that is) to toe! :)... In my dream closet...

Quick shorts refashion for shorts that are too tight in the leg.

lace lace lace

Lace shorts

How To Add Lace Trim To Denim Shorts-Add to shorts that are too short or old jeans turned into shorts. Maybe some cute pink lace for little girls shorts

Try this. Take an old sweater. Cut a slit in along the shoulder down about 7". Fold over raw edge and sew in place. Sew a piece of ribbon about 15" long to one side of neckline and another ribbon to the other side of the neckline. Tie together! - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

how to properly cut off jeans/pants to make shorts..ill be glad i pinned this later

A creative cut-off! DIY scallop denim shorts.

DIY shorts

blouse and cut-offs.

love the shirt and shorts