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  • Cassie Turner

    Be a winner! Workout Motivation

  • Lady Chi-Town. 💕

    Remember this💯

  • Excellent Quotations

    “ Cowards never start, Weak never finish, Winners never quit. ” ~ Author Unknown #start #finish #Winners #quit #AuthorUnknown #quotes #quoteoftheday #thoughtfortheday

  • Melanie Boh

    weight loss is hard..but these are great reminders

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♥ this!

For my boo...yes he will

Reasons to be fit

The alternative to boredom is exercise, not food.

beccafit4life: This is one of the many reasons why I love being outdoors, whether it is running, hiking, or just doing any simple exercise outside. It feels liberating to be with nature for me :)

kropp utan hat

Im all for people eating whatever they want, but as someone that is trying to lose weight, this is always so amazing to see. Like, sure, some people enjoy that big mac. I wouldnt, though, so to see how many calories are in one meal compared to basically 4-5 meals is astounding. Id much rather taste so many different things than have just one meal that isnt all that flavorful in the first place (in my opinion).

No Excuses...

Fitness is the way


Your dose of motivation to workout!

the occasional tear.

It's just a habit.

woah. SO inspirational. definitely makes me think...





FEMALE FITNESS BIBLE :) im so happy i saw this pin. TONS of GOOD FITNESS and nutrition FACTS.