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Let it go.

I have always intuitively realized this. It definitely makes life easier when you view others in this light. Ponder what hurt them, what tragedy occurred that brings about such anger? It turns from being angry back to empathizing. Even hoping to make someone feel better by trying to see things from their injured perspective. Sometimes the angriest person you've met is the softest and most vulnerable soul you'll ever encounter. I know because I married an angry man and he really is a softie.

The issue with the majority of quotes is that we review them however quickly forget them. When you see a good quote that "speaks" to you, compose it down! Create it in your diary, post it on your fridge or carry it in your purse so you can easily refer to it on a regular basis.

silence is better than bullshit.


Too true

Wow this is so true!!

So true.

So true

I wonder if this is trying to tell me the same thing I've been trying to get through my head for months...

Took the words right out of my mouth


Sooooo true

very true

it's true

Funny, and true.

True and kind of sad..

Leo Being Drunk. Pretty much true except the last part. I have a hard time remembering what happened the night before.

So true

So true!